Freemium Model

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Menagerie uses a Freemium Model which allows all Menagerie communities to use the Menagerie voting engine free of charge. Communities are entirely free to take the Menagerie engine code and develop their communities themselves or use Menagerie products and services to help run the community.

If a community decides to use Menagerie products and services, a percentage fee of total community assets or incoming fees applies. Larger communities with more funding pay less as a percentage than smaller communities with less funding. The Menagerie Platform charges additional fees for support services through its diverse sets of Menagerie support and services communities, including but not limited to the following services:

Tech integrations and bespoke product enhancements (dev & build)

Tech support after community launch to ensure all integrations worked, rollout updates, etc.

Legal advice and support
Training, transformation and launch services for organizations becoming communities
Business planning, economic/tokenomic modeling and setup (stable coins, fiat on/off ramps etc)

Policy creation for communities

Admin services for communities