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We Enable

Menagerie is a powerful community management system

As easy as you'd start a social media group, you can build a club, corporation, DAO, or nonprofit that thrives in the decentralized world of Web3.

Share your passions with your kin

Communities we serve: 

Creator Communities

Subreddits, podcasts, Discord groups


Create and manage groups & virtual goods


Fundraising tools, governance

Art &

Music labels, movie studios, art galleries, & independent artists

Brand Based Influencers

Community incentivization & rewards

Fan Communities

Star Trek, Rick and Morty, Spongebob
can improve their community management and outreach

Gaming Communities

Users of World of Warcraft,
FAZE, Halo  


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations need these tools to function. Menagerie allows you to create guilds. Accountants, lawyers, and analysts can team up & work
together with low overhead

Loyalty Programs

Improve brand reputation, customer retention, and community engagement

Our mission

Our vision

Our mission

Our mission


Support the advancement of global communities and solutions that transcend geographies and industries.


We believe the future of prosperity and commerce will revolve around collaboration via reputation-driven communities and work to earn solutions.